Corrugated Steel Pipe

Cherokee Culvert Company manufactures corrugated steel pipe in a variety of materials in order to address varying environmental conditions and applications.  It is our contention that no single product is satisfactory for each and every situation.  With such a broad range of products, we are able to offer what will satisfy the specific durability and/or hydraulic requirements, while remaining cost-effective to the end user.  Please click on the link provided to view more specific information on each product.

2 oz./ft.2 Galvanized

Steel which has been hot dip galvanized to achieve a zinc coating of approximately .0017 inch on each surface.  It is suitable for use in a pH range of 6 to 12.  Additional protection can be achieved through the application of bituminous coatings and/or paving of the invert.

Download  our PDF CSP Coatings

Aluminized Steel Type 2

Steel which has been coated in a bath of commercially pure aluminum to a thickness of approximately .0019 inch on each surface.  The additional corrosion resistance of Aluminized Steel allows it to be used in more aggressive environments while still providing up to 75 years of service.  It can be utilized in environments with a pH range of 5 to 9.

Download our PDF aluminized type 2 CC

10/10 Polymer Coated 2 oz./ft.2 Galvanized

This material consists of standard galvanized sheet to which a 10 mil ethylene acrylic film is applied to both sides by approved laminators.  The coils arrive at our facility for conversion into the finished pipe product.  Performance data on material installed in the early 1970’s indicate that a service life of 100 years can be achieved with its use.  The pH range of acceptance is 3 to 12, making it suitable for use in almost any conceivable application.

Download our PDF 10-10 Polymer Coated(2)

3/3 Polymer Coated 2 oz./ft.2 Galvanized

A lighter version of the above 10 mil coating, the 3 mil coating takes full advantage of this superior barrier coating for use in less abrasive applications such as storm sewer, underground detention, and smaller culverts.

Download our PDF:3-3 Polymer Coated